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Our Work

Our focus at Terman Capital Partners is on building partnerships with emerging businesses, adding value with every investment we make. Our team is always on the lookout for innovative and promising ventures to guide towards success. We have a proven track record of investment growth, from the initial stage to Series D funding.

Genetica - pre-seed investment


Genetica is home to Flora, Flora is a Neural Dynamic Knowledge System (NDKS). Architecturally defined as a number of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN/NN) nested within a predetermined array of Expert Systems (ES) arranged within a hierarchical structure guided by Flora's proprietary Primary Controller. Essentially, imagine walking into a CVS pharmacy or any Cannabis/CBD store in the country and immediately being directed to the tablet that houses Flora, who will then manage the entire end to end process of identification, collaboration and distribution of the medicine and products. This is all happening while Flora powers the entire decision making process for the retailers, thus controlling the ecosystem.

Prefix - strategic advisor

Prefix offers repair and maintenance software that empowers your team to make better decisions. Optimize your facility’s longevity and reduce spend by leveraging top industry knowledge and bolstering your facility team’s expertise. Prefix is the only R&M software with AI-powered tools to automate routine tasks, send intelligent reminders, and streamline data entry to eliminate busy work for your team.


Dishboard - strategic advisor

Dishboard replaces the financial manager for the restaurant industry. Dishboard digitalizes financial spreadsheets. No more manual data entry thanks to automatic recognition of received invoices and P&L generation. Enabling restaurants to stay on top of their costs, while ensuring they do not overspend and are at the highest profit.

Restaurent - strategic advisor

Book any restaurant, anywhere, for any occasion. Building a marketplace platform for consumers to find and book events of all shapes and sizes, for all occasions.


DashAngels - Partner

Syndicate fund on Angelist with over 2,700 LPs and growing. Our LPs have experience in scaling DoorDash from a seed stage company to a $50B IPO, our goal is to support the next wave of transformational companies. Our members are early DoorDash employees that are situated all over the world, with a broad range of experiences in product, operations, engineering, marketplace dynamics, corp-dev, finance, data-science, international expansion and government affairs. They helped build one of the world's largest consumer businesses from seed to IPO.

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